Pay it forward

INTERNITY works with survivors on advocacy and empowerment. When we achieve a success, it is an opportunity to celebrate and realize that we made a difference for a veteran or a family. A difference which may have lifted them from poverty, helped them find themselves and get the care they needed, or saved a life. It really is this profound.

And we do not charge for a single service, the hours or commitment that we give, or settlement fees if we help a veteran resolve a claim for benefits. Our core belief is that at some point in our lives someone helped us, was there for us, and gave us the gift of themselves so that we could grow and reach INTERNITY; which is the point of where we are all interconnected in our humanity.

What do we ask, then?

There is truth in that "you can't get something for nothing."

What we ask is for survivors to pay our commitment forward. We ask our survivors to remember what we did for them and then ask them to repeat this with other survivors. It is our hope that our successful survivors will join our team, give in kind of their time and talents, and help make the world better for other survivors. By this simple action, INTERNITY will become self sustaining, as there will be more time and talent to reach out to more survivors. This is a win-win situation.

We have need for state advocates, resource development specialists, coordinators, and regional advocates. From time to time, we may have need for professional talents and services, I.e. necessary jobs that would have to be paid for.... "In kind" labor would be greatly appreciated. There is always a way to give back and make our world a better place.

And you can be the difference. If you have ideas on how you can help or volunteer, please send us a message at

Thank you!