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Our Vision

The primary mission of INTERNITY is to empower veterans and others with hidden disabilities and survivors of military sexual assault as they reconnect with themselves and their humanity, and learn to function again in their families and communities.

The present day culture that veterans live with is one that encourages societal discrimination, persecution, illegal prosecution, social injustice, ostracism, and long term mental health diagnoses for short term acute crisis; based on long term and inaccurate fallacies about disabled veterans.

Our Board

Ruth Moore - Ruth is a native of Washington County, Maine and is a survivor of military sexual assault. She hid quietly for 23 years, ashamed of her assault and the effects it had upon her life. In 2012, she came forward and testified in Congress about the effects of delayed treatment and the organizational dysfunction she experienced in the Veteran's Benefits Administration. In 2013, she received the International Voice For Change Award and helped introduce the Ruth Moore Act of 2013 to the House of Representatives.

Ruth holds a triple concentration undergraduate degree (science, psychology, and education) from Excelsior College, and a specialized Graduate Degree in Behaviorism, Special Education, and Psychology from National University. Recently she was awarded her Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences (Theology) for her pioneering work that unites a sexual assault survivor's medical, psychological, and spiritual aspects into a whole person approach to wellness.

At present, she consults with and advises the Secretary of the Veteran's Administration about veterans whose needs are not being met, advocates for veterans who are survivors of sexual assault, and volunteers in her local community to connect survivors to the very limited resources which are available.

Stephanie Grant - Stephanie is an Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and survivor of military sexual assault. At present, she is completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and is married to a law enforcement officer. She has seen and experienced the revictimization that survivors endure in the community as they try to rebuild their lives and overcome social stigmatization. In addition, she volunteers as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, and helps them reconnect to their communities.

Judy Bell - Judy is an MST survivor that served in the US Army for 20 years. She served for 10 years active in Military Intelligence where she learned and used the languages Russian and Spanish. She then served 10 years in the reserves where she became an License Practical Nurse and served in a Combat Support Hospital.

Since April 2012, she has been working as an advocate to enlighten staff, congress, and communities about the challenges and needs of veterans related to the PTSD, and has been interviewed in the newspaper, radio and television locally and internationally. Of note is her panel work for the movies - “The Invisible War” and “Service, When Women Come Marching Home.”

Alley Smith - Alley Smith is presently in the US Navy Reserve, and is an honorably discharged veteran of the US Marine Corps. During her earlier military experiences, she was noted for her service in OEF: Afghanistan. She has extensive experience and knowledge of Sexual Assault; having worked as a victim & witness advocate, sex offender registration official, investigator, policewoman, and law enforcement training instructor. In 2009, Alley graduated from American Military University's Homeland Security program.

At present, Alley is a Religious Studies student with a focus on Biblical and Pastoral Counseling and serves as the Director of Maine Veterans Community Service Projects. She is also an Advisory Board member for Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services for Androscoggin County, Oxford County and Franklin County; and before this, she volunteered as a board member for Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine.

Jennifer Trowbridge - Jennifer is the spouse of a veteran and has a unique understanding of veteran issues. She has a strong financial background with an undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Southern Maine and a MBA from Strayer University. At present, she is the Program Director for the Supportive Services for Veteran Families in the Washington Hancock Community Agency, where she formerly served as the Controller (Chief Accountant) who supervised a $6.6 million budget.

Butch Moore - Alfred “Butch” Moore, Jr. is a native of Washington County, Maine. He has a diverse background that includes employment in various seasonal occupations, working as a correctional officer and a teacher, and earning an undergraduate degree at the University of Maine at Machias. Over the past 16 years, he has seen the “after effects” of untreated sexual assault, as he has supported his spouse while she has endured false mental health diagnosis, societal stigmatization, discrimination, and ostracization. Presently he has earned a second Bachelor's Degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies with a focus in Non Profit Administration and is enrolled in a graduate program in Leadership. Since 2012, he has been a strong leader and advocate to bring awareness to the issues of both Sexual Assault and Military Sexual Trauma.