2015 "Each One, Reach One" Tour

2015 was the year to kick off our Empowerment Tour with an Each One, Reach One perspective. Our mission was simple: Connect with Veterans, give them answers, and help them find proactive solutions to everyday issues.

Every day, we work with veterans who are thrown down and discouraged by societal stigmatization, discrimination, and even apathy to their plights. We have walked this path ourselves and know that with education, love, advocacy, and empowerment, we can help our veterans rebuild their lives, develop a new perspective, and invest in humanity.

Our mission of Each One, Reach One is profound. Every veteran reaches out to educate their community, extend a helping hand to a brother or sister in need, then teach others - so this effort is duplicated, exponentially.

Thanks to the generosity of two of our veterans (Carolina and Kathy), and the Goodpeoplefund.org, we were able to visit 1/3 of the United States and affect change from the grass roots level. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!