Operation 22: A Call to Action

INTERNITY has a mission to empower survivors of military sexual assault, however, we know that as few as 13,000 survivors a year did not report it over the last three decades, and live in both silence and pain. There are many hotlines and programs which deal with veterans in crisis, and we do not feel like we should duplicate this effort. Instead, we seek to reach out to veterans, listen to them, and match them with available resources as their needs become known.

This program is literally a call to action for Americans, as we provide empowerment through outdoor and skill based retreats, online and in person classes, local events through our partners, and computer access to a developing database for veterans, survivors, advocates, and partners.. Our goal is simple... We need to stop the 22 deaths a day, not with pretty words or advertisements, but with real, "hands on" care for our fellow brothers and sisters. One death a day from a veteran is too much, 22 deaths a day is absolutely horrific and IT NEEDS TO STOP.