Getting Started

Getting started with INTERNITY is easy.

We have a simple intake process that allows us to become familiar with your concerns, match you with resources, and advocate with you.

The first thing we ask is that you make contact with one of our board members or advocates and share your concerns. We understand that not everything is pretty or neat, and that this process can be tough to do.

The person who takes your call will ask you to fill out our Intake Form. This allows us to get to know you and what your concerns and needs are. You may have a need for community or employment advocacy, or you may need help with your claim process in the Veterans Benefits Administration.

If we determine that you need help in the claims process, we will ask you to fill out Form 21-0845. This allows us to reach out to the Veterans Administration on your behalf, connect with the right people, and put your case in the proper hands.

If you have signed a power of attorney with a Veterans Service Organization (e.g. DAV, VFW, PVA) to work on your case, we will also ask you to sign a Revocation Order, have it notarized, and mail a hard copy to both INTERNITY and your service officer.

Once we receive these documents, we will call you, let you know that we have received them, and then we will bring them to our board and start researching your case.

Our Disclaimer:

INTERNITY, and our team, make no promises or guarantees, express or implied, as to the resolution of your case. We will gladly advocate for you; however, you need to know that if you currently receive benefits, the potential exists that they can be reduced if your case is re-opened and it is determined that errors were made in prior determinations.

Our team will not advocate in legal matters or lawsuits. If your case is with an attorney, we will gladly review documents upon your attorney's request and give our expert opinions where appropriate, but we can not advocate with the Department of Veterans Affairs or other parties to the matter.

Our team will not give medical, legal, or psychological opinions and/or advice. Many of our staff hold professional certifications, but we feel our talents are best suited to providing a neutral review of your documentation, then matching you with trusted resources to resolve your case.

INTERNITY is not a Veterans Service Organization as defined in Title 38, United States Code. Our team members are not claims agents as defined in Title 38, Code of Federal Regulations. Therefore, we are unable to file claims. However, we are able to assist veterans in reviewing an existing claim.